At MaandlastenManager, we stand for providing a smooth connection experience.

Whether it's for gas, electricity, water, internet, TV, or one of our other products, we support you.

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Always support for your contracts. Your ContractCoach is always ready.


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How sustainable is your home? View, assess, and receive immediate personalized advice.


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Easily and quickly arrange energy for your home. We provide support for gas, electricity, and district heating.

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Internet, TV & bellen

Quickly and easily arrange internet. Choose and select what you need. Stay connected to the world around you.

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MaandlastenManager stands for social commitment.

At MaandlastenManager, we are committed to providing a smooth connection experience. We act as a liaison between you and the service providers of your choice, ensuring that your requests are accurately and efficiently communicated. After the initial request, you will be in direct contact with the supplier, who will manage your request from that point onwards and provide further support.

Our core values

We stand for social involvement. We distinguish ourselves by paying attention to you.

With our multilingual call center, we can provide you with excellent support, and as a ContractCoach member, you always have access to information about and from suppliers.

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Smoke detectors save lives.

"Fire won't happen to me"... That's what many people think. Yet, firefighters receive thousands of reports of house fires every year. Sometimes, there's only material damage, but too often, there are also fatalities and injuries. Starting July 1st, 2022, it's mandatory for every...

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